Quackmented Reality has arrived!

Hatch.it is an app brought to you by Taoti Creative. We focus on moving the needle for our clients. We're all about solutions - plucking the best ideas from the best minds. This was a fun side project for us to experiment with physics in a virtual environment and augmented reality all wrapped up in an app. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

Hatch.it began life as an April Fools day prank, but now it's nothing more than a fun app that let's you launch virtual ducks all over the place and blow them up. But oh is it fun! Call it silly, call it stress relief, we'll leave that up to you but definitely give it a try. Spraying an extravaganza of exploding ducks all over your home or office has never been so awesome.

You set things up by pointing the camera at a large flat surface, like the floor. Keep tapping the egg button until it hatches and Meep the duck is born. Then things get real crazy! Hit the Meep button once for a single shot or hold to rapid fire a whole gaggle. Ducks of all shapes and sizes will spew forth, wobbling and quacking their way into existence.

The more ducks you launch, the more they bash into each other and topple around. If you're super lucky you'll even get a visit from duckzilla! If you run through a flock of them they'll all bump out the way.

Tap a duck on the screen and step back real quick… you'll think it's the fourth of July!

It's honestly much better to witness this first hand than read about it here, so just do it… and it's free. All this action and no massive bill! 


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Dev Team (Taoti)
Martyn Green, Adrien Yvon, TJ Gioconda

3D models TurboSquid. Additional sound effects from https://www.zapsplat.com